Salad Shrimp

DelicaSea Cooked Salad Shrimp are processed from farmed white shrimp that have been grown in pristine waters under carefully monitored and environmentally sustainable conditions to ensure premium quality and freshness. The fresh shrimp are peeled and cleaned, cooked, frozen individually and packaged for ready to use convenience. There is no additional preparation necessary. The shrimp only need to be thawed and rinsed before serving in your favorite seafood salad, soup or entrée. These sweet, firm shrimp are bursting with big flavor.

Product Features

Farm raised
Premium Quality
No cooking necessary
No fat
Uniform sizing

Product Benefits

Unparalleled freshness / consistency
High yield, no waste
Convenient, just thaw and eat
Appeals to health conscious consumers
Consistency in portion control
Suitable for any menu application

Detailed Product Sheets (download pdf)

Salad Shrimp