Gourmet Breaded Butterfly Shrimp

DelicaSea Gourmet Breaded Butterfly Shrimp are processed by peeling and cleaning fresh, farm raised white shrimp and leaving the last tail segment on. They are then coated with a flavorful batter and then dusted with a light coating of seasoned Japanese style “Panko” breadcrumbs. This coating gives the final product a unique flavor and crunchy texture. They are easy to prepare and are a perfect choice for appetizers or a main course.

Product Features

Farm raised
Premium quality
Uniform sizing
Peeled, cleaned and breaded

Product Benefits

Unparalleled freshness/consistency
High yield, limited waste
Consistent quality control
No further prep, ready to fry

Detailed Product Sheets (download pdf)

Gourmet Breaded Butterfly Shrimp