Premium Pasteurized CrabMeat

Premium, wild caught blue swimming crab from the Philippines, Thailand and China. DelicaSea brand crabmeat maintains a higher specification for quality assurance and supervision than many of the existing brands in the market. A consistent highest quality product with outstanding blue crab flavor.

Product Features

Fully cooked
Pasteurized refrigerated
never frozen
100% Shell free
100% Product yield
Low carb and low fat
Adds value

Product Benefits

Ready to eat
Extended shelf life 18 mo. from production date
No shell or cartilage
No product waste All meat 100% edible
Healthy alternative and consumer appeal
Unlimited menu applications
Increase "Center of the Plate" value
Always available and stable pricing

Detailed Product Sheets (download pdf)

Blue or Red Swimming Crab

Colossal Blue Red
Jumbo Lump Blue Red
Petite Jumbo Lump Blue
Super Lump Blue
Lump Blue Red
Special Blue Red
Claw Blue Red