Uncooked, Cleaned Calamari

DelicaSea Uncooked, Cleaned Calamari is a premium quality frozen seafood that has been carefully harvested and processed to ensure the peak of freshness. DelicaSea Calamari is produced from the species loligo, in the family Loliginidae. Calamari is a delicious, inexpensive, nutritious and especially pure seafood enjoyed by people worldwide. It is one of the world's few underutilized aquatic species and therefore, it is ecologically sound, as well as a culinary delight.

DelicaSea calamari have been completely cleaned for your convenience and, once thawed, are ready to use in a variety of preparations such as fried calamari, stuffed calamari, baked calamari, for use in gumbo, pasta sauces, or just plain calamari saute with your favorite marinade or sauce. The culinary versatility and mildly sweet taste of this seafood is remarkable.

Product Features

Fully cleaned
Block frozen
Very plentiful
No fat
Resealable packaging

Detailed Product Sheets (download pdf)