Diver Scallops

DelicaSea® Diver Scallops are farm raised and harvested in the cold, pristine waters of northern Japan. These farmed scallops, unlike trawler caught “dredged” scallops, are not habitat destructive and are farmed in an ecological sound and sustainable manner.

DelicaSea® Diver Scallops are delicate and require very little cooking. Overcooking can detract from the taste and texture of this wonderful shellfish. The meat is sweet ranging from mild to salty. It is plump and possesses a near-firm texture. No phosphates are added to retain water, and no water is added during the processing of this product.

DelicaSea® Diver Scallops adapt to any number of cooking methods. Raw, they make a superb ceviche. They can be grilled or sautéed just until the outer surface of the muscle turns opaque. They can be added to your favorite seafood soups, stews, and salads.

Product Features

Farm raised
All natural
No fat
Uniform sizing
Resealable packaging

Product Benefits

Unparalleled freshness/consistency
No chemicals or water added
Appeals to health conscious consumers
Consistent quality control
Suitable for any menu application
Preserve freshness and integrity